Discover places and the most beautiful beaches near Marina di Campo

Marina di Campo

The town was founded around the 16th century Watchtower at the far side of the town, first as a fishing village, and then among the first of the Island to develop a strong tourist vocation. The municipality of Campo occupies the southwestern part of Elba and is characterized by the massif of Mount Capanne to the west, the plain of Campo in the center which then opens out onto the sea with the beach which takes its name from the town itself and then the hilly complex of S.Martino and Mount Tambone to the east. Always in the municipality of Campo can be found San Piero in Campo, a village perched on the slopes of Mount Perone, dating back to Roman times when the village developed around a large granite spur. With Sant’Illario it constitutes one of the oldest settlements of the area.

The beaches

This stretch of the southerly coast of the island, also known as the “Costa del Sole” is pretty wild and characterized by high granite cliffs and low, interspersed beaches which alternate continuously with ever changing scenery and where the transparency and the blue of the sea are likely to remember the Caribbean landscapes and sea.

The beach of Marina di Campo

The beach stretches for about 1,5 km, from the oldest part of the township and the small port up to the end of the bay of the homonymous gulf. It is characterized by a pleasant promenade and patch of pine tree which flank it, and the access itself to the fine, golden, sandy beach is easy. The gently sloping seabed makes it an ideal destination for families with small children and for swimmers of all ages. Free for the most part, is equipped with bars, cafes, restaurants, beaches, deck chair and umbrella hires, skate and bicycle hires, sailing and windsurfing.

The beach of Cavoli

Cavoli beach is considered the ‘trendy beach of Elba”. This beautiful spot is only 4,5 km away from Marina di Campo, on the south coast between Marina di Campo and Seccheto. The origins of the name probably date back to ancient times when it was an embarkation point for artifacts from the granite quarries above the town, as evidenced by the remains of columns and granite works of both the Roman and medieval eras hidden by the vegetation but still visible in the area. Sheltered and exposed to the South, it distances but 4.5 km from Marina di Campo and consists of a wide sandy arch framed by the presence of a small cliff that divides the beach.

The beach of Seccheto

Located not far from Cavoli, it can be reached comfortably on foot following various small side streets which run from the small tourist village of Seccheto. It is characterized by a small, but picturesque beach of granitic sand and the transparent blue sea which makes it ideal for snorkeling enthusiasts and tourists in search of tranquility and relaxation. A few hundred meters from the small town and within walking distance from the provincial road we find the rocks, locally called “Le piscine” or “the pools”, which are of granitic origin and ideal for sunbathing and swimming, which have recently become a naturalistic oasis.

The beach of Fetovaia

From Marina di Campo the road runs high above the granite cliff overlooking the sea and after encountering Cavoli and Seccheto, Fetovaia appears to be lying under the homonymous promontory and suspended between the green vegetation and the crystal blue sea. A pristine and uncontaminated bay, the fine granite sand and a strip of green which hugs it and protects it, makes it one of the most popular and picturesque beaches on the entire island. A sheltered oasis, with a sandy seabed which slopes gently down towards the deep makes it the ideal destination for every type of tourist. It is equipped with bathing facilities, with the possibility to rent both umbrellas and deck chairs, snack bars, surfing schools and boat rental.

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